Refractive Surgery

If you’re exploring the option of corrective surgery like LASIK or an implantable lens, our office can educate you on the procedure, do the pre-operative exam and refer you to a qualified surgeon.  You can also have all you post-operative care done in our office as well.  Below are the links to 2 skilled refractive surgeons that we work with on a regular basis and have come to entrust our patients’ care:


Our doctors deal with patients experiencing the effects of cataracts every day.  We have successfully managed the pre- and post-operative care of hundreds of our patients.  We can assist you in determining if you’re ready for cataract surgery as well as helping you choose from one of the skilled cataract surgeons in our area.  Patients undergoing cataract surgery now have the option to choose between a standard implant or to upgrade to a bifocal/multifocal implant.


If you have an eye condition that requires further treatment from a retinal specialist (an ophthalmologist with further training to perform surgical procedures on the retina, the back surface of the eye), we have a relationship with several surgeons in the area.  These include procedures like retinal detachment, treatment for macular degeneration, and diabetic eye disease.

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